LSH20 simulator was developed in collaboration with Apeom, a leading manufacturer of laser simulation systems. Built on the basis of the K12 compressed air gun, it inherits from the latter the main features that make it an extremely customisable instrument that can be used off-the-shelf by sportsmen. Especially noteworthy are its trigger system that can be adjusted in all parameters, the widely adjustable sights and the possibility of fitting the adjustable grips available for the K12 model: four for right-handed shooters (sizes XS-S-M-L) and three for left-handed shooters (S-M-L). Under the barrel is a structure for the application of 6 counterweights per side, able to vary the mass of the instrument from about 800 grams to over one kilogram. The LSH20 model features an Apeom laser simulator already integrated in the barrel, which can be used for all Modern Pentathlon competitions and is already approved by the UIPM (Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne).