Pardini FR22 – One rifle for three shooting positions

Pardini Armi announces the new FR22 rifle dedicated to 50m rifle events. Cousin of the GPR1 air rifle, with which it shares the family feeling part of the accessories and a common philosophy in the arrangement of the adjustment controls, it represents an important innovation in the segment.

At the heart of the project there are three points: the short barrel (only 620 mm), capable of excellent groupings; the trigger mechanism, characterized by a very wide range of adjustments; the modular stock that allows the shooter to better customize the rifle and save precious time in the difficult transition between one shooting position and the next in the 50m rifle 3 positions event. The stock is completely replaceable at the rear and, by simply unscrewing a knob, it allows the removal of the butt pad, cheek piece and grip. The usual attachment system of the sights facilitates the replacement of the rear and front sights. A top shooter like Petra Zublasing is able to replace all the components for switching between different positions in about 30 seconds. This savings is extremely useful in the final event, where time is very limited and any savings turn into an advantage for the shooter. By using three different rear stocks specifically dedicated to each different position, the athlete can rely on specific materials and settings for the proper shooting condition. Avoiding any compromise and thus being able to focus on performance.

Like all Pardini Armi models, the FR22 focuses on simplification, on the best materials available and on production techniques that use the latest generation of CN centers. The possibilities for customizing the weapon are almost infinite so as to adapt to the requests of every enthusiast, man or woman. The FR22 is supplied in two versions with black or champagne colored ergal stock, with blued barrel and components in natural stainless steel. The firearm is available in a set-up that provides for the supply of all three stocks.

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