Pardini GPR1 Red and Blue


Pardini Armi presents two new versions of the GPR1 air rifle (cal 4.5 mm/.177”), designed in collaboration with Niccolò Campriani and holder of the Olympic title obtained in Rio by Campriani himself.

The two new versions - Red and Blue - are flanked by the standard silver and Black already in the catalog and are characterized by a new livery, respectively red or blue. In combination with the air tanks, already available in 6 different colors (white, silver, pink, black, red and blue), they bring the possible chromatic variations of the GPR1 rifle to 24.

The new colors require a different anodizing treatment of the stock, always made by Ergal.

Like the Pardini pistols, the GPR1 also incorporates an absorber - firing impulse compensation device - which is capable of canceling the recoil of the weapon. A peculiar characteristic of the action is the position of the cocking lever, which is approximately 60 millimeters closer to the face of the shooter than the average of the competition rifles. Another peculiarity of the GPR1 is the modularity: the stock allows a personalized adjustment of all its parameters. The cheek piece, the grip, the fore-end and the butt plate can rotate on several axes so as to adapt to the needs and the different morphological conformations of the shooter.

The possibilities of varying the center of gravity of the weapon are very extensive. In addition to the spacers for the diopter and the tunnel, housings have been created inside the fore-end to accommodate steel or tungsten cylindrical weights; other weights, always cylindrical and stackable with a male / female threading system, can be inserted on the cheek piece. These solutions, combined with the ingenious and simple assembly system, allow the shooter to vary the weight of the rifle in a virtually infinite range even if, by regulation, the weapon cannot exceed 5,500 grams.

All the controls of the weapon are reversible, so as to meet also the needs of left-handed shooters.

The Red and Blue versions are already available for all models (GPR1, GPR1 Light and GPR16 high power) and versions (Top, Evo, Pro and Basic) of the air rifle Pardini GPR1.