GT 5″ (White)

Semiautomatic pistol, recoil operated, geometric-short barrel locking system. The magazine is prismatic and the pistol features an ambidextrous release button. The GT is single action, with fully-adjustable trigger mechanism, performs flawlessly with any standard commercial ammunition and is desirable for any competitor. Some other features of this model are the light-weight special alloy frame paired with a slide made of a special steel as well as the micro-metric adjustable rear sight. Different types of scope mounts are available. The evolved GT pistol line continues the tradition of using high quality materials and workmanship to deliver exceptional competition firearms. The unique grip angle allows low positioned center bore line for a clean and easy shot with easier recoil control. All features are designed to ensure absolute precision of the GT series and make it a great choice for IPSC, Action and Bullseye shooting competitions.