Our 2018


After a great season, we would like to thank all those who came out to greet us at our booths and those who were interested but unable to join us. 2017 was an important year for us at Pardini Armi and 2018 promises to be even better.

Even though our focus has been on production, we have continuously discussed with our shooters how we can make improvements to our top products. We consider the continuous dialogue with our athletes an essential aspect for the growth of our products.

Over the last 12 months, one of the main Pardini innovations involved the production of the SP and HP Bullseye series. Initially destined for the American market, the Bullseye models will be offered to the rest of the World. The Bullseye variants are offered in 2 calibers, .22 LR and .32 S&W, and 2 barrel lengths, 5 and 6 inches. The increased barrel length offers even more superior accuracy for each of the given calibers. A unique part of the Bullseye series is the presence of a Weaver rail on the counterweight allowing the shooter the option to mount various optical sights. These conversions are available to all of those who would like to convert their existing last-generation SP or HP into a more informal shooting tool.

Following the launch of the new K12 air pistol series, at the beginning of 2017, the K10 air pistol has also undergone an important upgrade. Inspired by the K12 modification, the K10 will now feature an optional removable barrel sleeve. The K10 barrel sleeve is designed to carry up to 8 removable counterweights weighing 5 grams each. The sleeve itself weighs 45 grams and is available in 4 colors (black, silver, red, and blue). The various colors of sleeves combined with the 6 available air cylinder colors (white, black, silver, red, blue and pink) allow for 24 possible color combinations.

At IWA 2018, Pardini Armi presented the new variant of its GPR1 air rifle called the Black Edition. It is a black anodized ergal alloy stock that increases the wide range of colors already available. The GPR1 Black Edition is mechanically the same as the existing variants of the GPR1. The new Black Edition is offered in all the GPR1 models (Top, Evo, Pro, Basic) as well as in the lightened GPR1 Light and the high power GPR16 models.

At Pardini are never fully satisfied with our products so we are constantly searching for ways to improve our products. Our research and development has allowed us to upgrade the K12 with a new system for connecting the charging lever to the bolt.