TOKYO 2020: 7 medals, again!


Tokyo 2020 Olympics ended again in a triumphant way for our pistols and rifles, which dominated the 25m Pistol and 25m Rapid Fire Pistol events, obtaining a further silver medal also in the 10m Air Rifle Mixed Team event.

The first medal came thanks to the American Mary Carolynn Tucker who took second place in the 10m Air Rifle Mixed Team, an event that debuted at this edition of the Games, with a GPR1. In the following days, the complete podiums of the women's and men's 25m pistol events were added: the Russian Vitalina Batsarashkina won 25m Pistol over the Korean Minjung Kim and the Chinese athlete Jiaruixuan Xiao. 41 shooters out of t44 (93% of the total) showed up fired our Pardini SP pistol.

The next day, our Pardini SP-RF pistol literally monopolized 25m Rapid Fire Pistol competition, thus confirming its dominance in the event. The victory smiled on the French Jean Quiquampoix, former Olympic vice champion, followed by the Cuban Leuris Pupo (Olympic champion in London 2012) and by the Chinese Yuehong Li, bronze in Rio 2016.

To this remarkable medal collection consisting of two golds, three silvers and two bronzes we must add the gold medal won on the second day of the Games by the American William Shaner who, to hit the laurel in the 10m Air Rifle Men, used the stock of the GPR1, demonstrating that Pardini Armi is a winning platform in all respects. Shaner has perfectly interpreted the Olympic motto, integrated precisely in this edition of the Games: Faster, Higher, Stronger - Together (in latin: Citius, Altius, Fortius - Communiter), with the accent placed on the word “together” that wants to underline the meaning of sharing and the spirit of brotherhood of the event. Our air pistol line also obtained excellent results thanks to a wide diffusion among shooters. The K12 stopped a step away from the podium thanks to the fifth place of Christian Reitz in the 10m Pistol Men event.