RIO 2016: Pardini wins 7 medals


With 3 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals, Pardini Armi concluded its great experience in Rio.
Niccolo’ Campriani won the first gold medal on Monday, August 8, dominating the air rifle final where he improved himself than in London, where he was silver. With this performance - obtained with the Pardini GPR1 air rifle developed by the same florentine athlete with Giampiero Pardini, founder of the company - Campriani got the final record (206.1) after setting the Olympic record in qualification (630.2). At the end of his performance, Campriani said about Pardini Armi; "the satisfaction of winning for the first time with a wholly Italian-made rifle adds if possible more joy to the victory. It’s a bit like we also won the constructors’ championship: we designed and developed the rifle from nothing. After London 2012, I wanted this challenge and in three years we managed to get the first Olympic title in history with an Italian rifle."
Three medals were won Tuesday, August 9, thanks to the athletes of the 25 women pistol event: the Greek shooter Anna Korakaki won the gold, Monika Karsch from Germany the silver, and Swiss Heidi Diethelm Gerber the bronze medal. After qualification, where Pardini pistols were used by 77.5% of the competitors, the Lido di Camaiore company’s products were sure of the podium: all 8 finalists, in fact, fired Pardini.
Three more medals came on Sunday, August 13, in the rapid fire pistol event. In this specialty, the domain of Pardini pistols was even more substantial already in qualification, as 88.5% of the shooters had chosen to compete with Pardini pistols. With 6 Pardini shooters out of the 6 finalists, the final was once again monopolized by the Italian pistols. For the record, Christian Reitz (GER) won over Jean Quiquampoix (FRA) and Yuehong Li (CHN).
With these 7 medals, Pardini Armi improved itself after London 2012.