HI-TECH, the new generation of SP pistols

The Pardini SP range is now also available in a new HI-TECH version with a brand new green colour and a series of upgrades to its mechanisms which enhance its durability, consistency, reliability and shooting stability. It comes in both a Sport Pistol version for that specific event and in a Rapid Fire version for rapid fire pistol competitions.

The trigger mechanism (hammer and counter hammer) and the bolt, the parts which are most subject to wear, have been given a “Diamond-Like Carbon” (DLC) treatment with strong anti-wear, anti-abrasion, anti-friction and anti-corrosion/oxidation/chemical aggression properties. This new generation coating, just a few microns in thickness, has a hardness greater than 2,000 Vickers Hv which greatly improves the properties of the steel. The coating provides extremely high mechanical strength with a very low coefficient of friction. It has been applied to the slide to increase its mechanical strength and smoothness, with benefits for the stability of the weapon, and the trigger mechanisms to make them stronger and last longer.

The opportunity was taken here to redesign the bolt which now has newly designed handles which make them easier to grip even by people with small hands.

The modifications made to the HI-TECH version of SP include a larger button to release the magazine together with a new design to the magazine on an ergonomic plate to make it easier to grip. The magazine itself has been made in carbon polymer using 3D printers, which represents the company’s latest use of advanced technology.