Pardini K10 LSH


Pardini Armi at IWA 2019 presents the prototype pf K10 LSH pistol, the new pistol dedicated to Modern Pentathlon and first approach to target shooting

Pardini Armi, on the occasion of IWA 2019, is pleased to present the prototype of the new K10 LSH pistol dedicated to the Modern Pentathlon and the first approach to target shooting. The prototype is currently being developed in collaboration with Apeom, a leading company in the production of laser simulation systems. Built on the frame of the well known K10 compressed air gun, it gains the main characteristics that make it an extremely customizable and immediately usable tool by every sportsman. Main advantages are the trigger system adjustable in every parameters, the widely adjustable sighting devices and the possibility to mount the adjustable gripes already available for the K10: 4 model for right-handed shooters (XS-S-M-L sizes) and 3 for left-handed persons (S-M-L). Under the barrel there is a structure for the application of 6 counterweights per side, able to vary the mass of the tool from about 800 grams to over one kilogram.

The main new characteristic of the K10 LSH model is the presence of an Apeom laser simulator integrated into the barrel that can be used for Modern Pentathlon discipline, already approved by the UIPM (Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne).