Easy-reload system
The GPR1 rifle, developed by Pardini Armi according to the specific requests of the Olympic champion Niccoló Campriani, features a loading system optimized according to specialty rules that require of the athlete to achieve a series of very quick shots in final stages. The innovative loading system offers a very short distance between the trigger shoe blade, the bolt handle and the loading point. The loading lever has an ergonomic shape and can be applied on both sides of the action so as to facilitate the loading by left-handed shooters as well.

Cryo-desmodromic trigger
All Pardini firearms trigger units are customizable and finely adjustable without removing the grip. The air guns manufactured after 2016 have a cryo-desmodromic trigger, made with cryogenically treated steel components. Specific heat treatments at very low temperatures stabilize the molecular structure and make the trigger even more durable, stable and crisp.

Side-vision manometer
All Pardini Armi air pistols and rifles are equipped with a precise, reliable and easy-to-read pressure gauge located on the side of the cylinder for immediate and safe reading of the air pressure in the cylinder. The values are indicated by an index, showing the residual autonomy.

Adjustable grip
Pardini Armi provides a wide range of adjustable ergonomic grips for all the products of its catalogue: 4 right- (XS-S-M-L) and 2 left-handed sizes (M-L) for air pistols and the SP, HP, and All-in-One series; 3 right sizes (S-M L) and 1 for left-handed shooters (M) for the free-pistol discipline. All Pardini grips are made of selected walnut wood. For the most demanding shooters, Pardini Armi can customize grips through its custom shop, which, by appointment, can turn out a made-to-measure grip within a day.

Conversion kits
One of the main novelties in 2016 is the universal frame for the SP / HP series. The new All-in-One frame is compatible with all newly manufactured models in both calibers .22 long rifle and .32. This transforms the trio of international prize-winning pistols into one real convertible pistol system. Conversion kits are available and the latest-generation pistols can be used in all ISSF 25-meter target-shooting disciplines: rapid-fire pistol, 25 m women pistol, junior sport pistol, standard pistol, center-fire pistol and bullseye-pistol events. The advantages of the new SP / HP system are numerous: same grip, same trigger settings, interchangeable parts, versatility of the events that can be entered, compact size easy to carry and lower cost. Some of the older-generation barrels and sliding bolts are also compatible and can be used on the new frame. The conversion is a very simple operation that requires the release of one screw, which can be done by the athlete on the firing line, within a minute. The following kits are available: SP rimfire (useable for standard and sport pistol), SP rapid fire (men rapid-fire pistol), HP center fire (available in .32 S&W). For the USA market, two additional kits are available: SP bullseye - .22 long rifle caliber and HP bullseye -.32 ACP caliber.

Multi-function counterweight
The dynamic counterweight of the All-in-One and previous series is adjustable: hidden by a cover, it consists of 6 cylindrical housings fit to receive additional 15-gram (steel) or 35-gram (tungsten) weights. When shooting, the action of the recoil is accompanied by an opposite reaction of the weights, which, hindered by the action of a spring, but free to move, adopt a relative forward motion, although, in practice, they remain motionless, thus balancing the pistol and greatly reducing the recoil.

Progressively choked barrels
All Pardini barrels are made “in house” by a machine that, in sequence, drills and performs the rifling by a plastic deformation process (buttoning). The inside of all barrels is progressively choked in order to improve the accuracy and reduce the recoil. They are made of specially tempered steels obtained by means of a single casting at Pardini Armi’s specific request. At the end of the processing, they are subjected to additional vacuum heat treatments that ensure the best performance.

After-sales service
Pardini Armi devotes great attention to the after-sales service. To the legal warranty attached to all products, Pardini Armi adds a very efficient service on the factory premises and on the shooting ranges. Pardini technicians are present at the most important national and international events, ready to provide help to the shooters in difficulty. Another very important feature of Pardini products is the life-support service guaranteed for all models produced so far. The availability of spare parts is guaranteed for any item ever produced. The parts can be replaced without manual adjustments.

Absorber – recoil damper
The recoil damper adopted for Pardini air pistols and air rifles is a cylindrical shock-absorbing mass housed inside the sliding bolt, made of a high-specific-weight wolfram alloy. When shooting, the detachment of the mass and its backward travel (useful to counteract the recoil) is induced by the inertia and favored by a flow of air that, through the valve, reaches the system. The air flow that drives the absorber backwards is regulated by a flow controller, accessible without disassembling the pistol. Its operation, patented, is fully mechanical and self-adjusting, since it works on the resistance that the pellet faces when engaging the shot.

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